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MEDILIG – Medical Life Guard

An XHR Software Platform for the design, implementation and use of autonomous, open, database models for multilingual clinical data management systems from primary care to continuing care.

MEDILIG In a Glance

1) An extensive database schema for continuous health care that follow standard clinical practice terms with an easy nomenclature for developers

2) Complete separation of the database schema from the presentation layer, independent development of the database layer

3) Multilingual look-up tables with international health standards for the encoding of information

4) Fully tested and operational on the neurosurgery domain with a lot of data

5) Interoperability with ICD10, OPCS44, NHS, LOINC, SNOMED health care standards

6) Microsoft Technology platform version based on popular SQL Server and Access products

7) Truly rapid application development thanks to the powerful integrated environment of SQL Server and Access

8) Minimal or no coding for creation of catalogues, reports, entry forms and navigation through them

MEDILIG consists of:

a) MEDILIG Database – This is referring to the database schema used to retrieve/store data

b) MEDILIG MSQL – The specific implementation of MEDILIG Database running on Microsoft SQL Server

c) MEDILIG MSAccess – The specific implementation of MEDILIG database front end running on Microsoft Access

Each of these products is covered by open and free software licenses i.e. GNU GPL and ODbl. The combination of these licenses is protecting the rights you have as a user on the management of your data and the use of the software. We decided to release MEDILIG free to the public for the following reasons:

I. Vendors use various tactics to lock their clients one way or the other with their proprietary systems. That can easily happen when they have total control on the export/import of user’s data in their implementation of XHR database. Globally the latest marketing movement of vendors which is software as a service strengthens that position.

II. Adaptation and customization of any proprietary system usually incur a significant cost for their clients and this service is offered exclusively from the vendor.

III. Technical support of proprietary products is also offered from technical staff trained from the vendor

IV. MEDILIG is related to collaborative software. This type of licensing will help to serve well the share among users.

MEDILIG will allow the rapid development (RAD) or testing of health information system prototypes aiming to bridge the gap between research institutions, health providers and information communication technology (ICT) vendors. We believe that well organized social networks as they are formed nowadays on the internet have the power to make miracles become true.

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