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Project Description

Cross-platform EHR/EMR software for the design, implementation and use of autonomous, open database models for multilingual clinical data management systems and the rapid application development of health IT products and services. Current version is using MSQL server and Access.

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Project Details

1) An extensive database schema for continuous health care that follow standard clinical practice terms with an easy nomenclature for developers

2) Complete separation of the database schema from the presentation layer, independent development of the database layer

3) Multilingual look-up tables with international health standards for the encoding of information

4) Fully tested and operational on the neurosurgery domain with a lot of data

5) Interoperability with ICD10, OPCS44, NHS, LOINC, SNOMED health care standards

6) Microsoft Technology platform version based on popular SQL Server and Access products

7) Truly rapid application development thanks to the powerful integrated environment of SQL Server and Access

8) Minimal or no coding for creation of catalogues, reports, entry forms and navigation through them

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